‘I stay out of other people’s lives’: Kellyanne Conway won’t be embarrassed by her husband

Breaking news, Kellyanne Conway and her husband occasionally have differing views on matters of the state.

And while Conway and her husband, George Conway, may have their own opinions on matters, a key difference is that she is counselor to President Donald Trump and he is not.

But that didn’t stop ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos from trying to drive a wedge between the married couple on national television in his quest to embarrass Trump.

“Spouses disagree every day,” she told Stephanopoulos Sunday on “This Week,” after he referenced a recent New York Times op-ed from her husband declaring Matthew Whitaker’s appointment as acting attorney general unconstitutional.

And played a clip of Trump responding to a question about that op-ed, saying Mr. Conway was seeking publicity.

Stephanopoulos seemed surprised that Conway disagreed with her spouse — could it be that Hillary Clinton was wrong in her assessment that women on the right vote as their husbands do?

“I’m sure the feminists are very proud of me that I’m an independent thinker who has a strong, powerful position in the United States government,” she sarcastically told the ABC anchor.

“I offer my advice and opinion to the president in private. I don’t need to put [it] on the op-ed pages,” Conway added.

She would go on to say that she doesn’t appreciate people using her marriage to make political hay.

“I don’t think it’s nice,” Conway said. “And I think people questioning publicly aspects of our marriage and the rest of our life is very inappropriate because I stay out of other people’s lives.”

Critics can decide for themselves if that was a shot across the bow.

Tom Tillison


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