Fox News’ Kat Timpf chased out of establishment, ‘chewed out, abused, because of where I work’

Kat Timpf, a regular on Fox News’ “The Greg Gutfeld Show,” posted a tweet short on details in the early morning hours Sunday saying that she was accosted because of where she works.

“I was just ran out of an establishment because of where I work. Chewed out, abused. But I guess that’s the norm now,” Timpf tweeted.

Given her libertarian stance on issues, it’s not like Timpf is a raging MAGA fanatic. While supportive of President Trump at times, she’s not above ripping him a new one when she feels he goes too far.

But it would appear that because she works at Fox News, none of that matters.

And make no mistake about it, there are plenty on the left who condone the behavior being directed at those who don’tr share their political ideology.

The same people who stand silent when left-wing activists set upon the home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson, terrorizing his wife as they bang on the front door so hard it cracks. Thank goodness his four children weren’t home at the time.

But then, the American left gets it that they’re engaged in a culture war for the heart and soul of this country and anything goes, while the right’s preoccupied with ideas of chivalry and protocol.

And the more the incidents occur, the more emboldened the left becomes — a trend aided and abetted by Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., call to get in Republicans’ faces.

Unhinged is as unhinged does:

That Kimpf didn’t name the establishment prompted plenty of inquiries.

And while it’s not clear why Timpf didn’t name the business — she has yet to respond since the tweet — others are saying it’s time to “start calling out these places that can’t keep patrons safe.”

Others say it’s time to start standing up to these overly aggressive political zealots.

Either way, Timpf had plenty of support, as seen on Twitter:

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