‘5 Days after the election is over and another miracle … Shazam!’ More ballots found in Georgia by the Dems

Adding to concerns about possible voter fraud in the 2018 midterm elections is a report from Georgia that “new” absentee, early and election day ballots have suddenly been discovered. Even more suspicious is the source of this report: the Democrat Party of Georgia.

“A handful of Georgia counties just reported thousands of new *absentee*, *early*, and *Election Day* votes that @BrianKempGA’s numbers did not account for, significantly closing the gap,” the party tweeted Saturday afternoon.


While it’s unclear where these ballots came from or whether they’ve been tallied yet, as of Sunday morning GOP gubernatorial nominee Brian Kemp still reportedly maintained a sturdy 50,000+ vote lead over Democrat nominee Stacey Abrams.

Those worried about potential voter fraud in Georgia suspect that the influx of “new” ballots might be just as tainted as the flurry of ballots that appeared last week in nearby Florida, where the results of both a gubernatorial and senatorial race still remain undecided.

Last week video footage captured a private truck transporting Florida ballots in the dead of night. A report also emerged of good and bad ballots “accidentally” being mixed together.

Florida finally began a recount Sunday morning, albeit reportedly several hours late:

Over in Georgia the Democrat nominee has refused to concede defeat to Kemp.

“Democrat Stacey Abrams argues that not all votes have been counted, and mobilized a campaign to reach out to voters who used provisional ballots to ensure their votes were counted,” CBS News reported. “Kemp’s camp argues there are not enough ballots left uncounted to narrow the margin and ensure a December 4 recount would take place.”

The fear by supporters of Kemp is that either Abrams or her supporters will try to sneak fake ballots into the process to force a runoff. Her office’s release of invalid numbers only added to this trepidation.

“Abram’s campaign said their findings show a total of 26,846 provisional ballots are uncounted as of Saturday morning,” NBC News reported, adding that according to the official records maintained by the Georgia secretary of state’s office, there were only 21,190 outstanding ballots.

This discrepancy matters because Abrams needs exactly 23,700 more votes to force a recount, and exactly 25,600 more to force a runoff. And seems eerily coincidental to some that the # cited by Abrams’ campaign — 26,846 — happens to be more than both requirements.

Check out social media’s reaction to his discrepancy and the discovery of new ballots below:

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