Statewide noon deadline triggers official recounts in Florida. Here are the final tallies. PS – Palm Beach County is still a mess

Thousands of ballots in Palm Beach County are under review amid bombshell allegations of voter fraud and a lawsuit filed by Governor Rick Scott against election supervisors in Palm Beach and Broward Counties,

During a hearing inside Palm Beach County Circuit Court Friday morning, Judge Krista Marx ordered that duplicate or damaged ballots thrown out without going in front of the canvassing board would have to be forwarded to them by 10 a.m. Saturday, according to WPTV.

The provisional ballot deadline however, which expired Thursday evening, was not extended by Marx after a request to do so.

In an emergency meeting on Saturday morning, Marx extended the deadline to submit damaged or duplicate ballots from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., the same deadline for the filing of First Unofficial Results of General Election with the Department of State by county canvassing boards, WPBF reported.

Bucher had requested the extension because she felt it was impossible to meet the original morning deadline, reportedly claiming her office would need a full two days to adequately provide Scott with the ballot information.

WPTV’s Amy Lipman, who was in attendance at Saturday’s emergency hearing, said the judge only extended the deadline by two hours because she felt “no effort was really made to go through that process to get these to Rick Scott’s campaign since yesterday” by Bucher.

The elections supervisor also did not provide Marx with a definitive number of ballots that are being questioned, as WPTV’s Lipman noted there was “a lot of back and forth” between the judge and Bucher in the “lengthy” hearing.

Angry voters gathered outside the courtroom confronted Bucher over the controversy, according to Lipman who said they accused Bucher of unconstitutional behavior.

Marx had ruled in favor of Scott’s lawsuit and granted an injunction ordering that Bucher submit “over-voted” and “under-voted” absentee ballots to the Palm Beach County Canvassing Board which would then publicly review them prior to counting.

“We are pleased that the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections is being held accountable for this failure. Bill Nelson is trying to commit voter fraud in broad daylight and we won’t let them. We will continue to fight for full transparency and accountability, and to protect the will of Florida voters,” Scott campaign manager, Jackie Schutz Zeckman, said according to WPBF.

Bucher announced Friday that she would not comply with the court order as Broward elections supervisor Brenda Snipes also refused to allow state officials to inspect the voter records, per a court order.

Bucher was also hit with an emergency lawsuit by NBCUniversal, Scripps Media and Fox Television after refusing to let news cameras record while ballots were reviewed in a public meeting, threatening journalists who did not comply with arrest.

The Palm Beach County elections boss complained Friday about how “the highest elected officials in our country are trying to disrupt our democracy” based on demographics, she alleged.

“The demographics of our county — they don’t like them, and you know why,” she said.

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