Trump calling April Ryan ‘loser,’ using word ‘stupid’ is racial stereotyping? Does CNN know how insulting it sounds?

CNN continued its laughable race-baiting by insisting that President Trump calling leftist pundit April Ryan a “loser” or slamming reporter Abby Phillips for asking a “stupid question” was racist stereotyping.

“What he’s doing when he uses those types of terms when referring to African-Americans in general and African-American women in particular [is racial stereotyping],” Democrat Nina Turner told CNN’s race-baiting host Don Lemon.  Huh??


Turner — a former surrogate for socialist Senator Bernie Sanders — added: “There’s historic significance to the stereotypes of calling African-Americans ‘dumb’ and ‘losers’ and ‘stupid.’ So even though he has said some disparaging things to white reporters, there is a deep-seated essence historically in this country when it comes to the stereotyping of African-Americans.”

Earth to Nina: If you think being “stupid” or a “loser” is a racial stereotype that only applies to black people, then YOU are the racist. Why? Because there are “stupid losers” in every race and ethnic group.

For the record, President Trump has called many white men stupid losers. While his brash personality annoys some people, he’s an equal-opportunity offender. If you attack him, he’ll attack you right back — regardless of your race or gender.

Nina Turner said nothing when CNN pundit Don Lemon stereotyped white men by saying they’re the “biggest terror threat” and “we have to start doing something about them.”

Meanwhile, Lemon sleeps with a white man every night, so obviously he’s not too worried.

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Predictably, CNN commentator April Ryan pounced on the opportunity to play the victim card after President Trump told her to sit down when she repeatedly tried to hijack a press conference.

Ryan boasted that she has covered the White House for many years, and that she’ll still be here after President Trump leaves office.

“I have covered three presidents prior to this,” Ryan said. “And I’ve had a great working relationship with all three — from Bill Clinton to George W. Bush to Barack Hussein Obama — and now Donald John Trump. And something is awry [with Trump].”


Earlier this week, CNN’s Jim Acosta embarrassed himself after suggesting that President Trump was being a bigot when he referred to former president Obama as “Barack H. Obama.”

So where’s the media uproar over April Ryan calling the 44th president “Barack Hussein Obama?”

Fox Business anchor Trish Regan summed it up best when she torched Ryan on Twitter for playing the victim card again.

“You can’t play the ‘victim’ card when in the SAME press conference, President Trump went after white men Peter Alexander and Jim Acosta,” Regan pointed out.

This triggered “tolerant liberal” April Ryan, who reacted by blocking Trish Regan on Twitter. Sad!

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