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Pandemonium when Hollywood producer booed, yanked off stage after bashing Trump at Israeli Film Festival

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Jason Blum, an obscure Hollywood film producer, was booed and yanked off-stage at the Israel Film Festival in Los Angeles after trashing President Trump while accepting an award.

Instead of expressing gratitude for winning, Blum used the pulpit to attack Trump. “The good thing about this country is that you get to like Trump, but I don’t have to and I don’t like him,” he said.  The audience immediately booed loudly in a video posted by FilmFestivals.com.


“Thanks to our president, anti-Semitism is in the rise,” Jason Blum bleated.

One annoyed man in the audience yelled back: “This is a film festival, not a political rally!”

A tsunami of raucous boos rained down on Blum, who didn’t seem to know that many Jews consider President Trump the most pro-Jewish, pro-Israel president in US history.

A man named Yossi Dina stepped on stage and tried to yank Blum off while the crowd applauded approvingly.

“Now I’m being physically removed, which is why Trump is not the right guy for us,” Blum whined as he was pulled off the stage.

The Israel Film Festival released a statement insisting it did not remove Blum from the stage, saying an audience member (Yossi Dina) acted on his own.

Jason Blum clearly did not know his audience. The film festival was sponsored by the Adelson Foundation, a charity launched by billionaire Sheldon Adelson — a longtime friend and supporter of President Trump. D’oh!

Many on Twitter reacted by slamming Blum’s shameless, hollow virtue-signaling.

“Israelis love President Trump. To hijack an Israeli film festival as a podium to aggressively bash Trump is totally unappropriate.”

“You Hollywood celebs are so massively egotistical and self absorbed you think everyone wants and needs to hear your opinion no matter the venue or subject.”

“Israelis love Trump.”

“Respect to Yossi Dana, who tried to force Hollywood producer Jason Blum off the stage for aggressively bashing President Trump.”

Hey media, report the facts.

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