With Dems in control of House again, Ben Shapiro floats 2020 ‘nightmare scenario’

Ben Shapiro sure knows how to dampen a mood. The outspoken conservative shared what he termed a “nightmare scenario” in the wake of the Democratic Party retaking the U.S. House in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Shapiro tweeted: “Get ready for the 2020 nightmare scenario: Trump wins WI, loses MI and PA, and loses all four votes in ME. 269-269 tie. Election thrown to the House, presided over by…Nancy Pelosi.”

With Democrats in the majority again in the lower chamber, it’s widely expected that Pelosi will reclaim the speaker’s gavel she lost eight years ago.

And the scenario Shapiro speaks about is not entirely out of the question, as seen in a tweet from Bloomberg political reporter Sahil Kapur, who notes:

“Democrats have swept the Senate and governor’s races in the Rust Belt states that made Trump president: Wisconsin (Baldwin/Evers), Pennsylvania (Casey/Wolf), Michigan (Whitmer/Stabenow).”

The midterm elections turned out about as well as can be expected for Republicans, given that an incumbent president typically sees significant loses.

The House was widely expected to flip, but the number of GOP seats lost was below average and Republicans not only held the Senate, they expanded on their majority.

Incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, also held off a challenge from media darling Beto O’Rourke.

So despite the dreary reality of a coming Speaker Pelosi — who’s likely to launch a two year inquisition of Trump — there was some reason for joy.

Until Shapiro showed up on the scene.

Of course, the criticism is all in good fun. Almost enough to overcome the nightmare that Shapiro planted in out heads.

Here’s a sampling of other responses from Twitter, to include an explosion of memes.


Tom Tillison


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