Tucker: Nationalism is the ‘antidote to tribalism,’ acts like ‘kryptonite’ to power-hungry globalists

Tucker Carlson slammed the left for decrying nationalism while they assert that globalism is “morally acceptable.”

The Fox News host took the topic head on in his monologue on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday and then spoke with guest Mark Steyn about how “tribalism” is dividing the country.


“American elites tell us that nationalism is bad, only globalism is morally acceptable. They say this because nationalism is racist they claim,” Carlson began.

“But in fact nationalism has nothing at all to do with race. If you want proof, look no further than the Democratic Party which is obsessed with race. Literally,” he said. “People are celebrated or attacked purely on the basis of skin color.”

“This is tribalism and it’s destroying the country,” Carlson added.

“Nationalism doesn’t cause tribalism, it is the antidote to tribalism. Rally around the nation and not your tribe,” he said, introducing Steyn.

“This is so Orwellian because, leaving Trump out of it, nationalism is the antidote to tribalism. We are all in different tribes. Ignore our tribes, come together, ‘E pluribus unum,’ around the country, right?” Carlson asked the author and commentator.

“And that’s actually how functioning states get by. Your principal identity is that you are an American in America or you are a Swede in Sweden,” Steyn replied.

“If you weaken nationalism, people look for other identities and it doesn’t matter whether they’re racial identities or they’re religious identities like Islam, or they’re sexual identities,” he continued.

“You’ve tribalized the population and people’s sub-national identity becomes more important to them than their national identity. And that is an extremely dangerous experiment. Because actually, nationalism is the first duty of a government in self-governing societies,” Steyn continued.

Carlson asked him to expound on why nationalism is the first duty of a government?

“Without it, there is actually no point to being able to elect your leaders. They have a duty to take care of the people they represent,” Steyn noted, using the issue of immigration to explain.

“The Democrats and half the Republican Party want to bring in foreigners to be a kind of permanent peasant class, reproducing at the rates that they think are necessary for the economy,” he said.

“Angela Merkel in Germany brought in two million young Muslim men to be the children that Germans didn’t have for themselves. And this is an economically defective way to organize any kind of society,” Steyn concluded.

Carlson agreed, noting that it was an “abandonment of your core responsibility, which is to your own people.”

The Fox News host spoke at length about the issue of nationalism in another part of his earlier monologue, noting that the term has nothing to do with race.

“Despite what you are hearing day in and day out, nationalism is not a racial category. It has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. Nationalism is the belief that leaders ought to put the Interest of their own countries above those of other countries. It’s very straightforward,” Carlson said, according to Fox News.

Despite the fact the President Trump referring to himself as a nationalist would have been acceptable “in normal times,” meaning that he was simply looking at protecting the United States, the term is now “profanity” and an “abomination,” according to Carlson.

He went on to explain how nationalism is “kryptonite” to globalists because a “borderless world has been hugely profitable for them.”

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