Ed Henry believes surging Republican John James could be leading in Mich. if it weren’t for biased media

DCNFNick Givas, DCNF

Chief national correspondent for Fox News, Ed Henry, said Republican Senate candidate John James could be leading in the state of Michigan if it wasn’t for the media’s biased reporting.


Henry was referring to a Huron Daily Tribune reporter named Brenda Battel from Michigan, who was caught on tape making disparaging remarks about James, while dreading his possible victory.

She had called James’ campaign to leave a message about a possible interview and forgot to hang up the phone. She has since been fired.

“I think it’s particularly frustrating to me as a journalist that you have you this reporter — supposed to be fair and balanced, supposed to be looking, you know, with a critical lens, taking on the candidates in Michigan,” Henry said on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday.

“Be tough but be fair.  She forgets to hang up the phone. That’s the first mistake here. But the bigger mistake obviously is the bias that she had to say that how ‘oh, gosh, F this and all that if John James wins.’”

Henry said Battel’s bias likely affected her stories and political coverage of James and said the GOP candidate might be in a better position today if the media had covered him fairly.

“He’s the Republican in this Senate race. It’s a two point race in one poll that came out in the last day or two. So think about how many stories she may have written or other reporters may have written that have tilted this race — where if they had not been anti-James, maybe he is up four or six points right now,” he concluded.

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