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NBC reporter Kasie Hunt learns praising a GOP veteran comes with a steep price

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NBC News reporter Kasie Hunt found out real quick how the liberal base responds to expressing appreciation for the service of a veteran.

In response to Saturday Night Live creepy “comedian” Pete Davidson mocking ex-Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw for losing an eye while serving in Afghanistan, the Capital Hill correspondent tweeted about a piece she did with the Republican who’s running for Congress in Texas.

“I interviewed @DanCrenshawTX for a piece on vets running,” she said. “I enjoyed our conversation — and as an American I am incredibly grateful for his service and his sacrifice. Our country is better off with more people like him in Congress, party aside.”

Her sin, outside of voicing her appreciation for his service, appears to be saying that Congress needs more people like him.

Considering she stated “party aside,” principled, perhaps?

Either way, Hunt soon found herself busy responding to the likes of Media Matters and other liberals who didn’t take too kindly to the tweet.

There was even a call from the Resistance for her to be suspended:

And these are just some of the tweets Hunt felt warranted a defense or explanation.

But make no mistake, the venom was flowing online, which says much about today’s political climate. As does her “desperate” attempt to “appease the liberal mob.”

As for the venom, here’s a quick snapshot from Twitter:

And then there’s this!

Tom Tillison


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