Hillary tweets how you might feel ‘when you wake up Wed morning.’ Nobody warned her of danger ahead?

Hillary Clinton doesn’t want voters to ask “what happened” on Wednesday.

The twice failed Democratic presidential candidate couldn’t get out of her own way in a clueless tweet  about the morning after midterm elections.

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“When you wake up Wednesday morning, will you know that you’ve done all you could have?” Clinton asked Monday.

The former secretary of state then suggested some options: “Talk to friends in swing districts,” “Make calls or texts” and even “Knock on doors near you.”

Conspicuously missing is making sure not to snub voters or take them for granted if you are a candidate running for the highest office in the land.

Seems no one would know better about not having “done all you could have” than Clinton who infamously ignored Wisconsin in her presidential campaign itinerary. President Donald Trump defeated Clinton in Wisconsin by less than one percentage point, making him the first Republican to take the state since former President Ronald Reagan in 1984.

This tidbit made Clinton’s Election eve tweet even more worthy of mockery as Twitter users marveled at her amazing lack of self-awareness. It also backfired in a spectacular way as it served as a platform to “Vote Red!”

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