Ed Henry tries to argue with co-workers, ‘economy table set by Barack Obama.’ They weren’t having it.

Fox News chief national correspondent Ed Henry surprised many this Saturday by rushing to the defense of former President Barack Hussein Obama during a discussion on “Fox & Friends” about President Donald Trump’s booming economy.

According to co-host Pete Hegseth, the former president’s repeated attempts to take credit for the booming economy were ridiculous. Henry disagreed.


“Barack Obama created more jobs in his final 21 months than President Trump has created in his first 21,” he said, inspiring Hegseth to quickly reply, “All on this slow little trickle …”

Correct. Obama presided over the worst economic recovery since World War II. Not once during his eight years in office did real GDP growth ever reach 3 percent.

The following chart further illustrates this:

“I’m not saying this President inherited it, but would you acknowledge that he was handed a better economy than Barack Obama got?” Henry continued during his debate with Hegseth.

He was quite wrong if he thought that his co-host would indeed acknowledge that point.

“Here’s what I’ll acknowledge: Four million new jobs, over four million less people on food stamps,” Hegseth replied. “To me, that is a reflection of a President that puts business and the private sector ahead of government assistance and bailouts.”

Correct again. Whereas food stamp consumption skyrocketed under Obama, quickly rising to over 20 million households, this year it finally dropped to below 20 million for the first time in a decade.

“He was handed a good economy and has made it better,” Henry promptly replied, ignoring Hegseth’s point and — hilariously enough – triggering a reaction from both of his co-hosts.

“I think stagnant GDP growth is not a good economy,” co-host Katie Pavlich replied, before later adding, “I wouldn’t say that the Obama was good under Barack Obama, especially when the administration was telling people that less than GDP growth was the new status quo.”

But Henry still wasn’t convinced.

Watch below as he tried later in the program to convince fellow Fox host Stuart Varney of the same argument that Obama deserves credit.

Varney wasn’t having any of it.

“It was NOT set by President Obama,” he said. “The policies pursued by President Obama were tax, spend, going into debt and regulating the economy. That created in the last six months of the Obama term — we had a growth rate of just 1.5 percent. Within two years we’ve more than doubled that.”

Social media users agreed:

It’s unclear why Henry feel the need to so vehemently defend Obama, though some suspect he’d just been trying to play devil’s advocate.

Vivek Saxena


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