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Christian woman freed from death row for blasphemy begs Trump for asylum. Pakistan Muslims want her dead.

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The family of a Christian woman who was recently acquitted of blasphemy in Pakistan has appealed to several world leaders, including President Donald Trump, to provide them with asylum, lest they be murdered by outraged Muslim fundamentalists.

According to Fox News, after Christian women Asia Bibi retrieved water for her and her fellow farm workers nine years ago, two women refused to drink any because of her status as a non-Muslim.

The two women later reported her to a local cleric, claiming that she’d responded to their refusal by making derogatory remarks about the Islamic religion.

She was subsequently convicted of blasphemy a year later and sentenced to death:

Everything changed last Wednesday, when a Pakistan court effectively reversed her conviction and ordered that she be released. The problem is that, though the government doesn’t want her dead anymore, many others in the Muslim-majority nation of Pakistan now do.

“The ultra-right Tehreek-e-Labaik (TLP) party blocked major roads in Pakistan’s biggest cities for three days, calling for the murder of the Supreme Court judges who acquitted Asia Bibi on Wednesday, and terming Prime Minister Imran Khan and the country’s army chief enemies of Islam,” Reuters reported.

“The TLP called off the protests late on Friday after striking a deal with the government that could see authorities seek to put Bibi on an ‘exit control list’ barring her from leaving the country and open a review of the verdict in the courts.”

In response, the British Pakistani Christian Association reportedly recorded a video of Bibi’s husband pleading with world leaders such as Trump to help.

“I am requesting the President of the United States Donald Trump to help us exit from Pakistan,” Ashiq Masih reportedly says in the video. “I also request the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to help us, I also request the Prime Minister of Canada.”

The threat to Bibi and her family cannot be overstated. After then-Punjab provincial Gov. Salman Taseer merely spoke out in her defense back in 2011, he was assassinated. Federal minister for minorities Shahbaz Bhatti was also reportedly killed after demanding her release.

Fox notes that on Sunday alone more than 150 Pakistanis were arrested for partaking in violence, arson and vandalism during protests against her acquittal.

One of those protests may be seen below:

The situation in Pakistan has grown so dire that her attorney, Saiful Malook, already fled the country, citing concerns about his safety.

While conservatives have been critical of those among the caravan of Central American migrants, illegal immigrants and gang members headed toward the U.S. southern border to demand asylum, most feel differently about Bibi. To them, she seems like someone who genuinely deserves a break.


Vivek Saxena


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