‘Thank you!’ Pat Sajak wins the day, whacks haughty celebs for their endless & unwanted political opinions

Pat Sajak earned sweeping praise for his honest take on self-important celebrities spouting political opinions as if they were experts.

The “Wheel of Fortune” host called out the “odd conceits of celebrityhood” in a tweet aimed at the many Hollywood types who feel their singing or acting abilities give them the exclusive right to tell the rest of us how we should vote.

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In a tweet on Friday, the television host who is not so egocentric, provided what many thought was a “breath of fresh air.”

Twitter users weighed in on the political activism of celebrities and applauded Sajak’s nugget of “truth.”

Sajak gave a humorous nod to his renewed contract with “Wheel of Fortune” in another tweet this week.

The renewed contract secures through the 2020-2021 season the most-watched program in syndication with more than 26 million viewers a week, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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