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S.E. Cupp taken to the woodshed for her take on journalism: ‘We’re here to f**k s**t up’

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CNN’s S.E. Cupp was raked over the coals for her latest glaring lack of self-awareness.

The network’s right-leaning commentator declared in a tweet that it’s time for the press to “stop begging to be liked” by Hollywood and Washington, and that it is the job of journalists to “f*ck sh*t up for anyone who would abuse their power.”

Cupp’s tweet echoed other comments she had made on the same topic, calling out Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt for defending President Trump’s attacks on the press.

“It is so disturbing. And I know Ainsley, she’s a lovely person. She’s a kind person. I think she means well,” Cupp told CNN, according to The Hill. “But the idea that it is our job to report things the way anyone in a position of power — but especially the president — wants them, is a total dissembling of the job the media.”

“We are here to be a check on power. We are not his press shop. We are not his spokesperson. We are not his marketing team,” she added. “We in the press are here to fact check and to be a check on power. It is not our job to be liked. It is especially not our job to be liked by the president.”

She tweeted the same views about remarks by Fox News’ Martha MacCallum.

But Cupp’s strong declaration of the job of a journalist did not sit well with many of her colleagues.

The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra apparently got Cupp’s attention.

Others also blasted the CNN commentator.

Cupp’s comments about journalists courting Hollywood and Washington also earned her plenty of sarcastic rebuke on Twitter, considering the hypocrisy.

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