‘Facts too hard to swallow’? Poll finds Dems much more likely to eat & drink themselves through midterms

Politics has got Democrats stressed out.

A new poll revealed that the nation’s current political climate ahead of critical midterm elections has Democrats  “eating their feelings” and drinking more heavily than Republicans.

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Commissioned by the fitness site Daily Burn, a poll conducted by YouGov shows Democrats are 50 percent more likely than Republicans to be stress-eating, drinking and over-exercising, NBC News reported.

“Depending on how you’re used to dealing with stress, people tend to gravitate toward that habit more,” primary care physician, Dr. Navya Mysore, told NBC News. “If you had a hard day, you’ll have a glass of wine, so maybe you’re doing that more. Same for people who are stress eaters — they’ll eat more. If you’re more prone to sweat it out when stressed, then you’ll do that more.”

According to the poll of 2,485 respondents age 18 and up conducted from Oct. 18-22:

  • Over half of Democrats (55%), along with 45% of Republicans and 44% of Independents, fess up that the political climate has influenced their exercise regime.
  • Democrats are over 40% more likely than Republicans to say that they’re exercising more.
  • Independents (21%) are less likely than either Democrats (29%) or Republicans (28%) to say the political climate has specifically led to them exercising less.


Democrats are drinking more, according to the poll, “at a 2-to-1 ratio over their counterparts in the GOP.”

Psychotherapist Allison Abrams recommended limiting exposure to news on a daily basis as a way to curb the negative emotions that are triggered.

“This doesn’t mean not stay informed, rather, be informed but set boundaries for yourself,” she told NBC News.

The poll results kicked off a wave of reaction on Twitter where the effect of the “midterm munchies” on Democrats made a great target of mockery.

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