Trump sues Stormy Daniels for attorney fees, Avenatti named in argument on why she needs to pay up

A federal judge may have thrown out Stormy Daniels’ defamation suit against him, but President Donald Trump is making sure the porn star pays up.

Trump is seeking more than $300,000 in attorney fees incurred while he defended himself from the actress who claimed she allegedly had a sexual affair with him in 2006, which he has denied.

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In a court filing on Monday, Trump’s attorneys requested $341,559.50 in legal fees from the adult film star, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, after she lost the defamation case,  the Washington Examiner reported.

Daniels’ media-hungry attorney Michael Avenatti may have done more to hurt his client than to help her, according to the court filings.

The documents, filed in Los Angeles federal court, claim that Daniels “filed this action, not because it had any merit, but instead for the ulterior purposes of raising her media profile, engaging in political attacks against the president by herself and her attorney, who has appeared on more than 150 national television news interviews attacking the President and now is exploring a run for the presidency himself in 2020.”

Daniels sued Trump in April after he slammed her claims of being threatened by a man in a Las Vegas parking lot as a “total con job” in a tweet.

“The court agrees with Mr. Trump’s argument because the tweet in question constitutes ‘rhetorical hyperbole’ normally associated with politics and public discourse in the U.S.,” U.S. District Judge S. James Otero in Los Angeles, who tossed the lawsuit, said earlier this month in a ruling, which also stated Trump was “entitled to an award of his attorneys’ fees” against Daniels.

“The First Amendment protects this type of rhetorical statement,” the ruling said.

“This is a number created out of whole cloth,” Deniels’ lawyer, Avenatti said in a statement to the Washington Examiner. “And it is nothing compared to what he will owe my client from the main NDA case.”

Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen paid Daniels $130,000 in a 2016 nondisclosure agreement so she would not speak about the alleged affair with Trump, but she sued over it claiming it was void because Trump never signed it.

Twitter users reacted to the “joys of winning” with the latest in Trump’s refusal to give in to the antics by Daniels and Avenatti.

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