Migrant in caravan on way BACK to U.S. says he’ll apply for a pardon – for attempted murder

President Donald Trump has taken a beating in the liberal media for suggesting there are “many criminals” mixed in with the invading migrant caravan marching on the southern border.

The president has declared the approaching caravan a national emergency and a Fox News interview with a previously deported migrant who admitted on camera that he was convicted on attempted murder charges confirms that Trump was correct in his assessment.

The migrant told Fox News that he’s hoping to apply for a pardon for his previous crime.

“He says he wants to apply for a pardon for the felony he committed,” a volunteer translator told the network.

Another migrant told Fox News last week that there were many “criminals” traveling in the caravan.

“Criminals are everywhere,” the migrant said. “It’s criminals in here. It is. But it is not that many. It is good people here trying to get through Mexico and then get to the United States. It doesn’t mean that everybody is a criminal.”

Now juxtapose this with NBC’s Chuck Todd dismissing Trump warning that there are criminals and “very bad people” traveling in the caravan.

“Keep in mind there’s no evidence of any criminals in the Central American caravan,” Todd declared last week. “No evidence that somehow Democrats are funding the caravan.”

And they complain about the president calling them “fake news.”

The quick interview garnered a flurry of snark and reactions on Twitter:

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