Andrew Gillium compares DeSantis and Trump to ‘pigs’: ‘Never, ever, ever wrestle with pigs’

Gillum and Noah sit down to talk. Image: YouTube.

It’s getting hard to keep up with the rules when it comes to identity politics on the left, as seen Monday when the Democratic candidate for governor in Florida, Andrew Gillum called his Republican opponent a “pig.”

Ron DeSantis, the GOP nominee, was hit with the race card within hours of winning the primary after used the phrase “monkey this up” while speaking against electing Gillum, who is an African-American.

According to liberal standards, this is a no-no, but if a black candidate calls a white opponent a pig, apparently he’s good to go.

Not only did Gillum refer to DeSantis as a pig during an interview with Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, he included President Donald Trump in the analogy.

The president drawing his ire after he ripped Gillum in a tweet Monday, calling him  “a thief” running “one of the most corrupt cities in the country.”

(For the record, Gillum is mayor of the city of Tallahassee, which is currently being investigated by the FBI for corruption.)

Gillum, who claims he doesn’t want to make the campaign about race, referenced the remark from DeSantis to accuse his opponent of giving “too much harbor” to racists and bigots.

In effect, he called DeSantis a racist by not calling him one, and in the process called every Republican voter in the state a racist.

“He said exactly what he meant to say,” Gillum said. “He communicated exactly what he wanted to say to his voters, to his constituents.”

After establishing that Gillum is not a Trump fan, in which the Democrat dropped the corny line that “if we’re stealing anything, it’s hearts and minds,” Noah asked Gillum how he maintains balance between speaking to people’s aspirations and “at the same time call somebody out if you feel that they’re stepping out of line at you.”

In responding, Gillum fell back on the Democrat standard of being the victim, saying he is held to a different standard as a black man.

He then called Trump and DeSantis pigs.

“Well, I don’t know him, number one,” Gillum said of DeSantis. “But he has a family, he’s got kids. I have to imagine that at his core he’s a decent person. I think for me, my grandmother used to have this saying, ‘Never, ever, ever wrestle with pigs,’ she said, ‘because you both get dirty, but the pig actually likes it.’”

“And that was important to me because what I realize is what DeSantis and Trump want to do is drag me into the gutter with them, right?” he contined. “Because they can survive getting dirty. I can’t survive getting dirty, because what they want to do is have me fit a stereotype. I have to be cool and collected and precise, non-defensive, but also have the ability to land a punch where it’s necessary.”

As for DeSantis using the term “monkey this up” — as in “screw this up” — the context not offered by a complicit media is that he was talking about continuing the economic success in Florida, saying “the last thing we need to do is monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state.”

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