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#WalkAway from Dems movement gets an unexpected boost from a very big name

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Brandon Straka is behind the #WalkAway movement that’s urging folks to leave the Democratic Party and his effort received a boost from an unexpected big name.

Following a gala dinner the night before, the movement held a march in Washington on Saturday and President Donald Trump took to social media to congratulate Straka “for starting something very special.”


That the #Walkaway movement was in town at the same time as Turning Point USA held a historic conference for young, conservative blacks is enough to have the left shaking in their boots.

The Young Black Leadership Summit featured some of the nation’s most well-known black conservative leaders and activists.

Here’s footage of the #WalkAway march you’re not likely to see in the liberal media.


Straka appeared on “Fox & Friends” and was asked why people are walking away from the Democratic Party.

He hit the nail on the head.

“People are fed up with what’s happening on the left,” Straka replied. “Whether their issue is the lies, the manipulation, the targeting of minority groups, the socialism, the communism, the focus on illegal immigrants over American citizens.”

Citing the scandalous 11th hour ambush of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh by Senate Democrats, he said there has been “a huge second wave” since he launched the campaign in May.

“These were really the kind of die-hard loyalists,” he explained. “People in their 60s and 70s who had been Democrats their whole life who said ‘This was the final straw for me.’”

The left has tried to dismiss the movement as little more than Russian bots looking to divide Democrat voting blocs.

“Republicans want to split up the Democratic political opposition and divide black and Latino voters. And Russia looks like it wants to help here, too,” Love wrote, according to the Washington Times. “The most recent example of this strategy is the #WalkAway hashtag, which is presented as a grassroots effort by former Democrats who are critical of the party’s alleged intimidation, confrontation and lack of civility and want people to walk away from the party.”

Here’s some images and videos of these “bots” participating in the weekend’s events from Twitter:




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