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‘This is what Dems are afraid of’: Patriotic moment goes viral at historic summit for young, black conservative leaders

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Turning Point USA is holding a historic conference for young, conservative blacks in Washington, D.C., and the very idea has to have Democrats shaking in their boots.

The Young Black Leadership Summit is a four-day event running from October 25-28 that features some of the nation’s most well-known black conservative leaders and activists, according to the organization.

And Donald Trump Jr.

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk took to Twitter to credit Candace Owens, the bold, tireless activist who has been the driving force for the #WalkAway movement.

“The vision @RealCandaceO had is coming to life – this is just the beginning of a revolution that will forever change the cultural landscape of America,” Kirk tweeted.

The phenomenal gathering of black conservatives was all the rage on social media, as seen in a video featuring Trump Jr. that has been shared and tweeted far and wide.

“This is @DonaldJTrumpJr with young black conservatives. THIS is what Democrats are afraid of. They do NOT want you to see this,” tweeted Collin Rugg.


Owens shared the same video, along with a comment on just how moved she was to see all her hard work come to fruition.

“For the first time ever, I was too choked up to speak on stage tonight,” she tweeted. “At long last, the black conservative movement has descended upon Washington D.C. It’s beautiful. It’s raw. It’s free. God bless America.”

And in a surprise move, President Donald Trump invited the entire summit of young black conservative leaders to the White House on Friday.

The concept of hundreds of black Americans openly supporting President Trump is enough to leave Democrats lying awake at night. With a thriving economy and black unemployment at a record low, a large scale exodus from the Democratic Party by African-Americans would be devastating.

Owens suggested Trump has another factor working in his favor with black voters, other than a strong economic performance.

“President Trump is the most marketable president in the history of all presidents to the black community because he’s funny,” she told the New York Post. “They really respond well to humor and self-deprecation.”

Here’s a sampling of other inspiring posts from the historic summit being shared on Twitter.


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