Defense Sec. Mattis expected to sign deployment orders, hundreds of troops to head to U.S. border

President Trump is expected to make good on his promise to keep America safe and deploy hundreds of U.S. troops to the Southern border.

Trump has been outspoken in condemning the growing number of ‘migrants’ charging their way to the U.S. despite a multinational effort to stop them. Multiple media outlets report the migrants are “refugees” seeking asylum from disastrous conditions in their home countries, namely Honduras.

But, Fox News contributor Sara Carter has been reporting from the ground and listed several troubling signs within the growing mass of thousands heading north. Gang members, unknown Middle Easterners embedded within, and known criminals have all been reported to be part of the so-called caravan.

A U.S. official confirmed to Fox News that approximately 800 soldiers will head to the border to provide “logistical support.” It’s not clear which units will be deployed, Fox reported, but Defense Secretary Mattis is could sign the orders as soon as today.

There are currently 2,100 National Guard troops at border assisting Homeland Security, according to Fox.

News of the enhanced border protection sparked a flurry of reaction on Twitter:

Some, yes. Others… who knows? There’s no intellegent argument that can say upwards of 10,000 foreigners coming from crime-ridden countries are all coming with good intentions. It’s also not wise to set the precedent that every person on Earth who suffers from poverty has the “right” to barge into the U.S.

That is essentially, an open-border scenario, and a dangerous one, according to many.

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