Tucker stops Jorge Ramos’ migrant march spin in its tracks with one embarrassing question

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos called on Fox News Tucker Carlson to “tell the truth to your audience” during a segment Tuesday night on the invading migrant caravan that’s marching on the southern border.

The trouble is, which version of the truth is to be utilized, that of open border liberal journalists like Ramos or the Department of Homeland Security?

Ramos, who has dual Mexican and American citizenship, is in Mexico reporting on the growing column of illegal immigrants and he took issue with reports that there are criminals and people from the Middle East mixed in with the throng.

President Donald Trump tweeted on Monday that this was the case in declaring the approaching caravan a national emergency.


“First of all, I spent two days with these refugees, and I have not seen a single person from the Middle East,” Ramos declared.

And because he didn’t personally see them amidst many thousands of migrants, the Univision anchor declared it a falsehood.

“That is a lie,” Ramos insisted. “And I think, Tucker, you have to tell the truth to your audience, and you don’t have, you have to make sure people are not lying about this caravan. Because people from the Middle East are not part of the caravan.”

Carlson opted to go in a different direction, responding to Ramos’ claim that the U.S. has an obligation to these people to ask “how many of these migrants are you taking in, personally, into your home and are supporting once they get to the United States?”

But Ramos was intent on making his point — which he presented as fact — of there being no criminals or terrorists within the caravan.

“Don’t lie to your audience,” he admonished Carlson.“What you, and Fox News, and President Trump are saying about this group is a complete lie.”

Ramos repeatedly described the illegal immigrants as “refugees,” which betrays the strategy at play to exploit weak U.S. immigration laws regarding asylum, should the horde reach the southern border.

Carlson repeated his question.

As for his insistence on who’s included in the caravan, the Department of Homeland Security disagrees.

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