Shep Smith gets nasty with a Fox viewer for telling him he’s ‘full of it’ with his caravan spin

Shepard Smith angrily addressed a viewer’s criticism of his migrant caravan coverage by claiming fear-mongering by President Donald Trump.

The Fox News host read a letter from a viewer named Heidi on Tuesday who took issue with his denial of Trump’s warning that there are MS 13 gang members, criminals and Middle Easterners traveling in the caravan headed to the U.S. southern border.

While multiple journalists, including those from Spanish-language Univision and Fox News’ own Sara Carter, have confirmed the president’s claims, Smith took to the air announcing “the president has offered no evidence to support what he has said.”

He had to face the backlash Tuesday as he read the letter from a viewer who vehemently disagreed.

“Heidi Tweets just now, ‘Sorry, Shep,’” he read from his phone. “We are not falling for your fake story. This is an invasion. This is not a caravan of poor migrants seeking a better life. Yes, there may be some of that there. But you’re full of it if you believe what you’re saying. POTUS has intel. You don’t.’”

Smith handled the criticism about as professionally expected from the liberal anchor.

He dropped his phone down and fired back at the viewer.

“No he doesn’t,” Smith said, looking into the camera. “POTUS has politics.”

“He told us just the other day — so I can report to you with certainty — they’re running on [Supreme Court Justice Brett] Kavanaugh and caravan, your fear of an invasion of migrants,” he added smugly. “We just showed you their pictures.”

Smith silently stared into the camera with a smirk before moving on to another news story.

His Fox News colleagues over on “The Five” also found themselves in a heated debate over the caravan Tuesday as Jesse Watters unloaded on liberal Juan Williams who, like Smith, thinks Trump is lying about the criminal elements in the throngs of migrants traveling from Central America, despite eyewitness accounts from journalists on location.

Viewers expressed their outrage at Smith for his response to Heidi’s letter and Fox News for continuing to give the “condescending” anchor any air time.

Frieda Powers


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