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AG candidate blows up, spells the N-word, storms off in a rage. TMZ captures crazy campaign event.

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Students at a Rhode Island high school witnessed a bizarre event as a candidate for the state’s attorney general seat hurled an ear-piercing racial slur at his opponent.

Compassion Party candidate Alan Gordon stunned students at North Kingstown High School on Tuesday when he appeared to overreact to his opponent, Peter Neronha, talking about marijuana.

A video posted by TMZ showed Gordon, who shares a home with Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate Anne Armstrong, also a member of the minor political party, become agitated by his Democratic opponent’s use of the word “marijuana” which he claimed was racially charged.

He attempted to prove his point by comparing it to the n-word which he proceeded to shout out, spelling letter by letter as students roared with a mixture of shock and applause.

Gordon yelled and spelled, calling it “a curse to my people.”

“You will not say it in this school again, today or in lessons. Knock it off!!” He shouted, storming off the stage, declaring, “I’m done!”

Apparently Gordon was promised that Neronha would not use the word “marijuana,” according to TMZ.

Armstrong, who runs a cannabis healing clinic with Gordon, told TMZ the word “marijuana” is “extremely offensive to them because it’s rooted in racial stereotypes.”

Gordon and Armstrong were arrested earlier in the month with allegedly 48 pounds of marijuana according to police, Reuters reported.

Meanwhile Neronha, the former Rhode Island District Attorney under President Barack Obama, defended his use of the word, telling WPRO Radio’s Dan Paquet he was perfectly “comfortable” with it.

The Democratic candidate was happy to be at his alma mater for the event, he shared, even though Gordon’s behavior was “unconventional.”

Neronha remained gracious in the interview, never slamming his opponent though he agreed Gordon’s spelling of the n-word, especially to a room full of teenagers, was inappropriate.

Twitter users seemed just as shocked by Gordon’s outburst as the high school students in that room.

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