Home owner shares footage of Delaware Dem taking GOP opponent’s flyer, replacing with her own

A Democrat running for the state legislature in Delaware was captured on camera taking an opponent’s campaign literature from the front door of a home.

Monique Johns can be seen in footage from a security camera removing a handbill left on a door by incumbent Republican state Rep. Kevin Hensley.


In an age when you can expect a camera to be trained on you at all times, especially when on someone’s doorstep, given the popularity of front door monitoring systems, it’s not a very smart thing to do.

Homeowner Randy Smith shared the video online once he figured out what had happened.

“I very quickly surmised that there was a little bit of shadiness going on,” he told a local CBS affiliate.

He also shared an image of Johns’ flyer.


And when cold busted, with video capturing you in the act, what’s a candidate to do but own up to their misdeed, which is what Johns did.

In an honest, straightforward manner, the Democrat apologized to voters and asked them to forgive her.

“Today, I ask for the forgiveness of the residents of the 9th Representative District. I made a mistake,” Ms. Johns said in a statement, according to Delaware State News. “I removed the literature of my opponent’s campaign from the door of a voter. It was wrong and I should never have done it.”

“This was a lapse of judgment that I humbly regret. Please forgive me. I won’t make any excuses for this action. I have apologized to my opponent, my supporters, and now I apologize to the voters of the 9th Representative District.”

Here’s a quick sampling of reactions from skeptical social media users:

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