What would Trump do the day after, if Dems take the House? MSNBC answers own question

MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt wondered aloud how President Donald Trump will react the day after Democrats take the House after Election Day.

The host of  “Kasie DC” asked a panel on Sunday how Trump would avoid “taking the blame” for losing the lower chamber given a Democrat victory in November.

“Can I ask you if, in fact, Democrats do take the House and Republicans lose, how does the president avoid taking blame for that?” Hunt asked.  “I mean, what will we be hearing come out of his mouth the day after Election Day?”

“If you think you’re gonna hear him that morning after the election say ‘I’m sorry,’ that’s not going to happen,” The Washington Post’s White House bureau chief, Phillip Drucker, replied.

“But he will inevitably get the blame for this. He’s the national leader of the Republican Party and he’s nationalizing the midterm elections and what he’s saying on the campaign trail,” he added.

“If, in fact, Democrats take over the House, there will be a political reckoning for him right away in terms of assessing, sort of, the fallout and what it means for his own reelection chances two years from now,” Drucker said.

“It’s a real threat in terms of the investigations, in the oversight the Democratic committees might do to dig into scandals and other issues in the administration,” he said.

Rep. Brendan Boyle interjected with his prediction.

“Within 48 hours of us winning back the House, you’ll see him on Twitter – ‘you know that Paul Ryan never listened to me, those guys wouldn’t listen to me, Mitch McConnell wouldn’t listen to me. I won. Those guys didn’t win,'” the Pennsylvania Democrat said.

“He has no loyalty. He will throw them under the bus,” he added, smugly. “If it takes 48 hours, I would be surprised.”

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