Tammy Bruce on midterms: Trump’s made ‘success’ the natural state of things, Dems work to undo

Radio host Tammy Bruce foresees positive results for the GOP in the upcoming midterm elections if the focus is on President Trump’s accomplishments with the economy.

The Fox News political contributor slammed Democrats for their efforts to undermine the president’s success despite its good for the America people, speaking with Fox News’ Steve Hilton Sunday on “The Next Revolution.”

Hilton noted that Trump was “giving out extremely confident vibes” and tweeted about the economy on Sunday.

“Why wouldn’t we win the midterms? There is a question for you,” Hilton asked Bruce. “Why wouldn’t the Republicans win?”

“Bottom line, the election is about the economy and is about whether or not the candidates are embracing and supporting the president, if they’re talking about that, if they are making that clear for the local community,” Bruce replied.

“Now of course we have national media and all of that but the fact is that it took Kavanaugh and the exposure of the Democrats being a mob in the Senate to wake people up,” she added, referring to the contentious confirmation hearings for now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“Our  biggest problem here is, perhaps the success of the president. Because this is our natural state,” Bruce continued. “But it’s only natural when government’s off our back, regulations are drawn down and Americans begin to think well, this is normal.”

However, the New York Times bestselling author noted, this success is not something Democrats embrace.

“But no, not really, because the Democrats of course, don’t like this dynamic and they work to make it a problem,” she told Hilton.

“Whether or not local candidates are able to convey that to voters, what their get out to vote effort is like – because the president, while he is not on the ballot, they need to argue in many ways it is part B of the reformation,” Bruce said.

“Those the dynamics, but everyone must, in fact, stick on the economy and we should be fine if all of those elements come together,” she concluded.

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