One Democrat name keeps coming up to blame for invading migrant caravan as Trump turns up heat

Fox News’ Steve Hilton had an all-star panel on “The Next Revolution” to debate U.S. immigration laws as an invading caravan of thousands of illegal immigrants march on the southern border.

The question being is this potential invasion the end result of Democrats embracing illegal immigration, coupled with weak laws.

Bruce described the lack of order and control as an “abusive process” that risks the well-being of migrants for political gain — thanks to former President Barack Obama.

“The lack of real policy here in the United States, the lack of controls, the effective — through the Obama administration — the effective open border has encouraged this now for half a generation,” she said.

Bruce compared it to what we saw with Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“Other people’s lives do not matter to the establishment,” she said, adding Democrats “want to show this chaos, they want to try to blame it on [President] Trump.”

President Donald Trump certainly knows where to place the blame.

“The Caravans are a disgrace to the Democrat Party,” he tweeted Sunday. “Change the immigration laws NOW!”

Chaffetz agreed that Obama is largely responsible for what we are now seeing.

“This surge is one of the worst things that I’ve ever seen the Democrats encouraged,” he said. “It started with Barack Obama when he changed the parameters of asylum — he basically said come here and we can change the way you can make this claim.

The former congressman compared it to “human trafficking,” saying poor migrants are being raped and pillaged along the way.

Coulter addressed the Democrat stance that the U.S. must “invest” in the economies of these poor countries, saying that they’ve always been “heavily corrupt, heavily poor.”

“The thing that really pulls people out of poverty and, in countries like that there is more extreme poverty certainly than there is in Mexico in the United States, is free trade and actually opening up markets,” Kennedy said.

But she insisted the immigration problem is a bipartisan problem.

“We have so many discrepancies in immigration and it is so confusing,” Kennedy said. “And legal immigration is — it’s really laughable — and it’s incredibly difficult and so that has created this impasse that Republicans and Democrats love because they don’t want to work together on immigration.”

“Republicans and Democrats love these pictures because they rile up the completely torn apart bases on each side.”

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