‘What!?!’ Acosta busted bigly for sending nasty DM to former Trump staffer, then digs hole even deeper

CNN’s Jim Acosta earned some heavy mockery after appearing to send a direct message to someone trolling him on social media.

He got even more ridicule when he tried to give an excuse for what happened.

A tweet by the CNN Chief White House correspondent complaining from President Donald Trump‘s rally in Missoula, Montana seemed to be where everything started.

A Twitter user named Justin trolled Acosta with “Dear Diary,” referring to the trend begun a few months ago to mock the reporter’s whining.

The account holder, Justin Caporale, is a former White House staffer who worked in the advance office and also for First Lady Melania Trump’s office before departing the White House earlier this year.

The tweet appeared to ruffle Acosta’s feathers as he shot back with a direct message to Caporale.

The Daily Caller’s Peter Hasson confirmed that the message was indeed sent by Acosta.

The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra also confirmed that the direct message came from Acosta’a account.

Hasson observed that Acosta’s message would probably just lead to more people poking fun at him.

Caporale tweeted again later, demanding an apology from Acosta after he said the CNN reporter blocked him on Twitter.

In the very early overnight hours Friday, Acosta offered Caporale an apology explaining how he thought he was an “old friend from the campaign days.”

Reaction poured in to the unfolding drama, with many poking fun at Acosta and Saavedra calling him out as a “liar.”

Meanwhile, Acosta’s original tweet whining about the loud music at Trump’s rally provided more fodder for mockery.

A YouTube video captured Acosta’s post rally segment with Don Lemon as loud music was played in the background.

And Acosta’s theory that the White House “shenanigans” were designed to sabotage him earned him a boatload of “Dear Diary” moments on Twitter.

Frieda Powers


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