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Adam Schiff wears egg on face after accusing GOP candidate of bigotry. He didn’t see the family photo coming

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Republican Congressman Tom MacArthur laid the ultimate Twitter smackdown on Democrat Adam Schiff, who implied that MacArthur was being racist toward his Korean-American opponent, Andy Kim.

MacArthur denied the attack and pointed out that he is the adopted father of two children from Korea — and they deserve an apology from Schiff.

“I don’t want your apology, but you sure can apologize to my children,” MacArthur tweeted with a multi-racial family portrait.

Adam Schiff made a fool of himself while resorting to the time-honored Democrat playbook, which demands calling all Republicans “bigot” or “racist” even when there’s no evidence to back up the defamatory claims.

“The dog whistles of bigotry have been put away. Now they’re using trumpets,” Schiff tweeted.

Schiff has not responded to Tom MacArthur’s epic Twitter comeback — because frankly, there is no comeback from such total annihilation.


Many on Twitter mocked Schiff and the Democrat Party’s lazy talking point.

“The race-baiting DemocRats have nothing else to sell.”

“When the racism cry backfires. Poetic.”

“So now we have confirmation Adam Schiff is ignorant — and quite possibly a bigot — but definitely ignorant.”


“Proof, if proof were needed, that morons stalk the Democratic Party.”

Congressman Schiff — the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee — is in a panic over President Trump’s decision to declassify the bogus FISA documents that led to the illegal surveillance of former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Congressman Devin Nunes — the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee — believes the declassified documents will expose the “insurance policy” that liberals were using to undermine Trump, as BizPac Review reported.


Nunes said Democrats and the mainstream media have been feeding the bogus “Russia collusion” Kool-Aid to the American public for two years, and they’re terrified that they’re about to be exposed as liars.

“For two years they’ve been force-feeding this Russia Kool-Aid to the American people, so much so that you have the mainstream media involved in it. The poor American people.”

I feel bad for…this ‘Resistance Movement’ who actually believe that the president is under control by the Russians. This is crazy talk! This was always an investigation in search of a crime.”

Patriots, please vote on November 6. America’s future depends on your vote.

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