‘We’re funny, cause we’re right’: Conservative comedians hit high marks with plan to fight entertainment ‘chokehold’

A group of conservative comedians is taking to the road on a tour to break the left’s “stranglehold on entertainment.”

The national tour by the pro-Trump comedians, titled “The Deplorables Tour: We’re Funny Because We’re Right,” is aimed at “hitting back” against the negativity and hatred spewed against President Donald Trump and his supporters.

“We’re gonna have a blast,” comedian Michael Loftus told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday.

“If you’re used to comedy and comedians leaning to the left, we’re leaning to the right, and it’s going to be much more fun,” the sitcom writer added. “The left has a stranglehold on entertainment, and we’re going to fight out of this chokehold. We’re kicking out of it.”

The tour, which kicks off November 5 at the Houston Improv, features Loftus along with comics Terrence K. Williams and Steve McGrew – all pro-Trump conservatives. The show, which also includes The Deplorables Choir, fills a “huge need” according to Loftus.

“The left and the media has demonized this president and demonized anyone on the right. Someone has to start hitting back, for lack of a better word,” he said.

While the Democratic socialist agenda of Sen. Bernie Sanders and the Native American ancestry claims of Sen, Elizabeth Warren provide plenty of fodder for mockery in the tour, Loftus noted the left provides an endless re-supply of more material.

“If you’re an idiot, you’re going to be made fun of. That’s how it’s supposed to work,” he said.

The announcement of the tour’s launch created a stir on Twitter as users applauded the “brilliant” concept and suggested cities across America for a stop.

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