‘Strong evidence’? Warren coverage sparks feisty battle between former CNN commentator & network chief

A former CNN political commentator sparked an intense debate with a senior executive at the network over their coverage of Sen. Elizabeth Warren‘s ancestry.

CNN vice president of communications, Matt Dornic, slammed Buck Sexton, the host of The Hill TV, on Tuesday, accusing him of “shoveling sh** on Twitter to score cheap points.”

Sexton tweeted Tuesday that CNN was “blatantly complicit in the massive, unforced error Warren pulled yesterday,” referring to the Massachusetts Democrat announcing the results of a DNA test which showed “strong evidence” of Native American ancestry.

Warren’s controversial claims to her ancestry were thrust into the spotlight again as she touted the results of the DNA test which, on the contrary, showed she was somewhere between 1/64 and 1/1,024 Native American, as reported by the Boston Globe on Monday.

The Cherokee Nation released a statement rebuking Warren’s claim as well.

Dornic defended his network and called out Sexton for not even reading the piece he linked to in his tweet. The CNN executive also noted that the phrase Sexton referred to in his tweet was in quotations and that it “means it’s a phrase attributed to someone other than the author.”

Shots were fired and the battle was underway.

“Just own your bias,” Sexton said.

“Give me a break,” Dornic replied. “You didn’t watch or read our coverage. You’re just shoveling shit on Twitter to score cheap points.”

“CNN tried to run cover for Warren, and then got caught looking dumb. Your coverage then adjusted out of self-preservation,” Sexton shot back. “It’s fine to be a DNC appendage. Just own it.”

The two continued to trade barbs as Dornic then accused the conservative commentator of “such incredible hackery.”

Sexton appeared amused by Dornic’s condescending jab.

Sexton told The Daily Caller that the pattern is quite typical for CNN.

“It’s pretty simple. Outlets like CNN constantly make partisan editorial judgments, and then when criticized they cling to the fiction that they’re unbiased journalists. It’s a game some of us just refuse to play anymore,” he said.

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