Yikes. Geraldo and Avenatti got pretty low in a nasty mud-slinging match with each other

An exchange on Twitter between Geraldo Rivera and Michael Avenatti quickly escalated into some wild mud-slinging.

What began as Rivera criticizing President Donald Trump for calling porn star Stormy Daniels “horseface” devolved into vicious name-calling between the Fox News correspondent and the “hit man” attorney representing Daniels.

(Image: screenshot)

“Why sink to calling her ‘horseface?'” Rivera asked in a tweet, referring to Trump’s remarks on Tuesday as he celebrated the decision by a federal judge to throw out Daniels’ defamation lawsuit against him. She was also ordered to pay Trump’s legal fees.

Rivera found the president’s name-calling of Daniels “not helpful” as it comes just weeks before midterm elections.

And while, on the surface, the tweets by Rivera should have been welcomed by Avenatti for calling out Trump, the lawyer took it as a cue to hurl insults at the 75-year-old reporter.

Never one to hold back when challenged or insulted, Rivera shot back with a truth-bomb.

As things quickly spiraled, Avenatti went there in his counter attack, bringing up Rivera’s disastrous Al Capone’s vault story from over three decades ago.

Millions of viewers in 1986 tuned in to watch Rivera report at the opening of the much-hyped secret vault in the Lexington Hotel once owned by noted gangster Al Capone. But the anticipation proved anti-climactic when the vault revealed nothing but debris.

But Rivera was not done with Avenatti, continuing his attack on Wednesday with a stinging rebuke as he leveled another name on the lawyer.

Seems pretty likely this is a story in progress.

In the meantime, Twitter users agreed that 2018 continues to surprise.

Frieda Powers


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