Whoopi says ‘Angry American white men’ are ‘coming after women.’ Admits actresses had sex with ugly men to get ahead.

Whoopi Goldberg unloaded on white men and the #MeToo movement at a recent show declaring that women used sex to further their Hollywood careers and need to admit it.

At a live UK show over the weekend, “The View” co-host dropped a brutal reality-check on the #MeToo crusade and the women who claim to have been victims of sexual harassment and assault.

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“Now there’s some things my mother always said to me that I knew were true,” Goldberg told the audience in Leeds, according to RadarOnline.

“It’s like, if some guy said to me we’re gonna have a meeting up in my hotel room… you don’t f***ing go — you don’t go. And if you do, cop to it. Say, ‘That’s right, I went up there and had sex with that ugly-ass man so I could get an Oscar and a Tony,’” the “Ghost” Oscar winner added in a monologue laced with profanity.

“Am I talking about myself?” she asked. “No. We have to teach young women better.”

American white men were also on Goldberg’s radar as she blasted them for “coming after” women who had used the #MeToo movement.

“Apparently American white men are angry … ’cause they’re top of the food chain, they can get anything they f***ing want but it’s not enough — so they’re coming after women,” she said. “Women are saying, ‘Are you kidding me?’ You can’t put this genie back in the bottle’. Women are not taking any bulls**t.”

The outspoken 62-year-old actress and comedian, who initially defended actor Bill Cosby by lashing out at his accuser, attacked Donald Trump Jr. last week for seeming to suggest that his young sons might have “tendencies” toward sexual abuse.

And proving the double standard in Hollywood and the now politicized #MeToo movement, Goldberg admitted last week that she may have made inappropriate sexual comments to actor Neil Patrick Harris on set when he was a teen. This drew laughter from the audience of “The View.”

A report in The Economist Monday pointed out that one year after the launch of the #MeToo hashtag and movement, it now appears “opinion has shifted against victims.”

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