Dems vow to cripple Trump with investigations if they get the House. Americans will get nothing.

Democrats are promising the American people more of the same if they win back the House in November, vowing to focus on burying the Trump administration in investigations.

In their laser-focused hatred of President Donald Trump, Democrats continue to bring nothing new to the table but their promise to pursue multiple probes which would render the administration incapable of battling on all fronts.

Such is the contempt Democrats have for the nation as crippling Trump and his administration takes precedence over the good of Americans.

Julie Pace, Washington Bureau Chief for The Associated Press, believes the question of whether or not Democrats can take back the House is “a big cloud over this White House.”

Speaking with a panel to host Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Pace noted that with the confirmation process for Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Republicans may have “blunted” the blue wave of Democratic advances in the Senate, but the same may not be true in the other chamber of Congress.

“This question about what happens if Democrats take the House is really a big cloud over this White House,” Pace said.

“Democrats will then have subpoena power in the House. They will be launching, as they already said, a whole raft of investigations,” she said, adding that this would go beyond the current investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

“They are open to going after Trump’s taxes, to going after financial dealings of other people in the administration in the Cabinet,” Pace continued.

“This is something that I think would really dominate 2019 for the president. In part  because he hasn’t done a particularly good job of laying out what his legislative agenda would be in a divided government,” she explained.  “He’s got some  ideas on infrastructure and criminal justice reform but there’s nothing really proactive that he’s necessarily pushing.”

Pace also noted that the lack of personnel in the administration would make efficient responses to Democratic probes more challenging.

“The White House, because they are understaffed – have been for quite some time – they don’t have the infrastructure in place to deal with a lot of democratic investigations,” she said.

CNN reported that “Democrats on virtually every committee in the House of Representatives are carefully positioning themselves to be ready in the event that they find themselves in the majority after the midterms.”

According to a CNN report Monday:

Staff level discussions are well underway about how Democratic-led committees would divide the work and tackle whole entire controversies that have roiled the Trump administration from questions about whether the President’s family has profited from Trump’s time in the White House to ethics questions surrounding Cabinet secretaries to the very policies like family separations along the southern border that have made headlines.


But attacking Trump may backfire for Democrats, stirring up the president’s supporters and turning off others like those who recently denounced the contentious Kavanaugh confirmation.

“I think a lot of our candidates are talking about if the Dems get the House, they will try and impeach Kavanaugh, they’ll try and impeach the President,” Sen. John Thune told CNN.

“I think when people see the specter of a Nancy Pelosi led House, a Jerry Nadler-led Judiciary Committee and Maxine Waters on Banking,” he added, “I think all of those possibilities are very reinforcing to our voters.”

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