Lemon and Cuomo humiliate selves with Tucker Carlson impressions. What were they thinking?

CNN hosts Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo received a brutal reality check this weekend from pundit Guy Benson after they attacked and mocked his peers at Fox News.

The attack on Fox started Friday evening on Cuomo’s “New Day,” where the fact-averse host took aim at President Donald Trump and the reporters/commentors at Fox News for accurately describing recent left-wing behavior as mob-like.

Listen to his whole diatribe below, and pay close attention during the end:

“Tucker, he doesn’t have to say anything. He’s just got that pissed puppy dog puss that he has on his face. There it is. What are they doing? They’re finding common enemies with their base, encouraging the animosity, using the word ‘unhinged’ a lot,” Cuomo said near the end.

The premise of the host’s rant was that complaints by the president and his conservative media allies about mob behavior from the left are silly because it’s their own rhetoric that’s incited the rage.

“They don’t like when their game is exposed, so what will they do? They’ll twist what I’m going to say right now, but it doesn’t matter because you can’t hide from the reality,” he added.


FYI, this is the reality:

No matter, because the concern right now is what happened at the end of Cuomo’s segment. Right before signing off so that Lemon could take over with his show, “CNN Tonight,” the host watched as his CNN peer began attempting to imitate Carlson’s behavior.

“What are you talking about Chris? You are unhinged!” Lemon said as he impersonated the Fox News host’s “pissed puppy dog puss” and rhetoric. “Surely, you are smarter than that!…Don’t be dumb.”

“You’re trying to do the puppy dog puss!” Cuomo then noted as Lemon burst into laughter.

Watch the spectacle below to see both Lemon and Cuomo trying to impersonate their competitor:

Lemon added a little unnecessary commentary about Carlson’s rhetoric as well, saying, “It’s dangerous. People actually believe it.”

It may seem astonishing to some that he’d accuse another cable news host of being “dangerous” given his own highly inflammatory rhetoric. On Wednesday he laughed in glee as two guests smeared rapper Kanye West as a “token negro.” The following evening he used the rapper’s dead mother to attack him.

Lemon has previously defended the terrorist group Antifa, claimed the spoken greeting “merry Christmas” is a dog whistle for racists and accused the president of trying to ignite another civil war. Who’s the dangerous and conspiratorial TV host again!?

The irony is that it’s this sort of bombastic rhetoric from both Lemon and Cuomo that have made them rather unpopular with the American people, according to Benson, who responded to their antics by encouraging them to try to imitate Carlson’s ratings:

That’s called a burn. And as noted by other social users, it was an epic one rooted in actual facts:

One of the biggest differences between Carlson and the “Dumb and Dumber” duo over at CNN is that he identifies as a conservative political commentator, not a journalist. But according to Cuomo and Lemon, they’re journalists — real journalists at that.

Word to the wise: Real journalists don’t behave like bumbling idiots. Just saying.

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