Judge Jeanine: ‘You’re all sore losers. Stupid losers. Too dumb to even know you’re losing.’

With a “new sheriff in town,” Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro ripped into Democrats as only she can, effectively taking them apart for being “stupid losers” who are “too dumb” to know they are losing.

“We now enter a new phase of the Trump presidency,” Pirro said Saturday to begin her “Opening Statement.”

“Amidst the outrageous, outlandish left-wing chaotic mob behavior of socialist Democrats, American momentum is now around winning,” she noted. “The winning that outsider candidate Donald Trump promised us, not the anarchy Democrats, aka demon rats, want to impose on us.”

Pirro detailed the mob behavior on the left during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process, before noting remarks last week from Hillary Clinton, who said “you cannot be civil” with Republicans, and Eric Holder, who took it a step further when he said, “When they go low, we go high? No, no. When they go low, we kick them.”

“Really, Eric. You, a former attorney general of the United States condone violence?” she asked. “Someone who thinks beliefs and word justify physical assault? Did you even go to law school?”

The Fox News host highlighted a number of key Senate races swinging in favor of the Republican Party in light of all the insanity, before detailing some of the Trump administration successes.

“Look. Here is the bottom line. We are not even two years into Trump’s presidency. The economy — record high, unemployment — record low,” Pirro noted. “Under President Trump Americans saved $3.2 trillion in taxes. 3.3 million jobs have been created. The military is being rebuilt. One hundred and twenty federal judges have been appointed. Two United States Supreme Court justices. A much-improved deal with Mexico and Canada. Eighty one thousand illegal aliens have been deported by I.C.E. Fifteen hostages have been brought home from countries like North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and of course just today, pastor Andrew Brunson from Turkey.”

Bringing it back to the left and their destructive behavior, Judge Jeanine showed no mercy as she cut them to the bone.

“So to all those Trump-hating demon rats and the mainstream media, keep up the antics, Pirro summarized. “You are all losers. Sore losers. Stupid losers, too dumb to even know you are losing. He said it himself. Just a few minutes ago in Kentucky.”

She then played a clip of President Trump saying, “The only reason to vote Democrat is if you are tired of winning.”

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Tom Tillison


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