James Woods’ loving the lesson in ABC ‘Roseanne’ disaster: ‘I hope she hijacks their a**es for a fortune …’

James Woods embarked on a tweet-storm Saturday, lending his important voice to a whole range of current topics, beginning with the report that senior executives at ABC believe they overreacted in firing comedian Roseanne Barr for her controversial tweet, saying it would have been more appropriate to suspend her.

“They’ve no doubt tested with focus groups. This was a billion dollar catastrophe for them,” Woods tweeted. “I hope she hijacks their asses for a fortune when they slip on the knee pads and start begging for her to come back.”

And while it’s believed that Barr gave ABC the blessing to do a “Roseanne” spin-off, Woods asked about the possibility of another network — Fox? — doing a sitcom with Barr.

“Serious question: does ABC own Roseanne’s name? I always heard that titles can’t be copyrighted,” Woods tweeted. “I’m probably wrong, but what if another network decided to do a different Roseanne Barr sitcom? What degree of material change is required?”

He commented on the wisdom of firing the title character of a show on Friday.

“Well, in general, firing the title character of any hit show (centered solely around that character) is hardly the apex of business acumen. This should be blatantly obvious to the most casual practitioner of programming,” Woods remarked in the tweet.

“The Conners,” the spin-off of “Roseanne” sans the original show’s namesake, is set to launch on October 16 and its ratings may soon tell the tale.

Other topics Woods weighed in on Saturday include the Kanye West controversy, as he noted that the rappers actions are “beautiful to behold.”

“The world gets stranger and more wondrous every day,” he said in another tweet.

The actor noted how CNN’s Don Lemon attacked West in a racist tirade that ridiculed him for “sitting with white people,” comparing his actions a “minstrel show,” even as he included a photo of the gay anchor and his white boyfriend.

“This is CNN,” he added.

And while taking on serious topics, Woods didn’t not lose his cutting sense of humor, as seen in a tweet recognizing the “funniest person on Twitter.”

#WorstNakedActivity: Kick boxing with Lena Dunham,” the lucky recipient tweeted.

He also found time to share a little love for President Donald Trump:

And Woods shared a Fox News report about the New York City office for the state’s Republican Party being attacked to question whether the National Guard will have to be stationed at polling places during the midterm election — a fair question given the acceptance of mob-like behavior on the left.

“Our attack is merely a beginning. We are not passive, we are not civil, and we will not apologize,” warned a note left behind.

The jackboot #AngryDemocratMob strikes again. It is now clear that the #Left is deploying #Soros funded #Antifa thugs to suppress election safety for Republican voters,” Wood tweeted. “Will we need National Guard troops stationed at polling places for voter security?”

And since Twitter CEO Jack Dempsey silenced Woods during the testimony from Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who claimed Supreme Court  Justice Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her — four people she placed at the scene of the alleged incident all said they had no idea what she was talking about — the actor again let loose with that acerbic sense of humor of his:

Suffice it to say, Saturday was a good day to be a conservative on Twitter.

As for Wood’s two-week lockout, he generously thanked us here at BizPac Review for an article that acknowledged his return and his insistence that he will not stop expressing his conservative views because of “Twitter’s bias or liberal insanity in general.”

“Thank you for this article. I missed my many followers as well,” he tweeted.

Woods continues to be a fan favorite for readers and the BPR team, alike, and he’s definitely worth following on Twitter.

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