Media mocked for distorting Trump’s comments praising Robert E. Lee

The mainstream media continue to prove President Trump was right when he said they shamelessly spout leftist propaganda and foment faux outrage.

This time, the liberal mob had a mass freak-out when it attacked Trump for “praising” Confederate general Robert E. Lee during a rally in Ohio.

Trump made the remarks in a build-up to praise Ohio native Ulysses S. Grant, who defeated Lee during the Civil War despite Lee’s undisputed skills as a commanding general.


The brouhaha erupted after President Trump said the following:

“So Robert E. Lee was a great general. And Abraham Lincoln developed a phobia because he couldn’t beat Robert E. Lee.

Robert E. Lee was winning battle after battle after battle. And Abraham Lincoln came home, he said, ‘I can’t beat Robert E. Lee.'”

Trump recounted that Abraham Lincoln was wary of putting General Ulysses S. Grant in charge of the Union Army because he had a drinking problem.

“They said, ‘don’t take him. He’s got a drinking people.’ And Lincoln said, ‘I don’t care what problem he has, you guys aren’t winning.’

And his name was Grant, General Grant. And he went in and he knocked the hell out of everyone.

Man, was he a good general! And he’s finally being recognized as a great general. And Grant came from right here [Ohio].”

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway underscored that the point of Trump’s story was to praise Ohio native Ulysses S. Grant (in front of an Ohio crowd) for having defeated such an opponent.

You don’t have to like Robert E. Lee to concede that he was a fierce general.

Trump wasn’t — as the liberal mob implied — praising Robert E. Lee as a wonderful human being.

Mother Jones pundit David Corn — who was investigated for inappropriately touching female employees — was one of the liberals outraged by President Trump.

A Trump-hating leftist blogger was also triggered.

Radio host Cam Edwards remarked: “If you listen to the clip, he’s clearly telling a story and building to the point of Lincoln appointing Grant as Lt. General and head of Army of the Potomac, where he proceeded to take Lee on and win where other Union generals had failed. Y’all are such hacks.”

“They’re hacks.”

The leftist media bias was so over-the-top that even self-proclaimed “raging liberals” defended President Trump.

“Jesus, NBC. Do NOT make me defend this guy but your headline/clip completely misconstrue context by cutting the clip short. I’m a raging liberal and this is irresponsible. He goes on to say how Grant was better, despite his alcoholism, and defeated Lee.”

Even CNN hack Andrew Kaczynski — who shamelessly bullies private citizens for making anti-CNN memes — called out the media hypocrisy.

“It seems clear watching this clip, Trump is praising Lee only in skill as a general, and is actually using it to praise Ulysses S. Grant (raised in Ohio) for beating him the Overland Campaign.”

“Here’s a [CNN] reporter leaving out that Trump was building up Lee to praise Grant as more remarkable.”

Hillary—inciter of mob violence—finally turned in her top-secret security clearance. What took so long?

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