Valerie Jarrett slammed for hypocritical ‘outrage’ over Kanye’s ‘f-bomb’ at WH. Remember when…

Former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett applauded CNN pundit Don Lemon for trashing Kanye West for jokingly cursing in the Oval Office during a visit with President Trump.

Kanye’s visit fueled mass panic from the media, which once embraced West when they thought he was a liberal. Observers say the press is terrified that Kanye’s support of Trump could trigger a mass migration of black voters to the GOP.


The mainstream media — which spent the last three weeks rabidly discussing fictional teen gang rapes — were offended that President Trump had invited someone to the Oval Office who used the word “motherf**er.” Gasp! Shudder!

Here’s what Kanye said that triggered the media: “Trump is on his hero’s journey right now. You might not have expected a crazy motherf**ker like Kanye running up to support him.”

Jarrett tweeted in mock shock: “Imagine if @BarackObama invited someone in the Oval Office who said M.F.” Preach, Don Lemon!”

Twitter reacted to Jarrett’s faux outrage by pointing to examples of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton having done far worse things than befriending a rapper who cursed.

Keep in mind that Obama was and is close friends with rapper Jay-Z. Have you ever listened to his profanity-laced lyrics?

Remember when former Vice President Joe Biden told Obama that Obamacare was a “big f**king deal” on a live mic in the White House?


“Imagine if Barack Obama took his family to a church for years where the pastor said, ‘God D*mn America!'”

“Imagine if a president invited a young intern into the Oval Office so he can get some oral…”

“Weren’t you in the Oval Office Communist?”

Remember when Obama colluded with Russia on a hot mic? Where was the media outrage?

While the media feign outrage over Kanye West, they continue to downplay the real dangers posed to Americans by violent leftist mobs.

In their disingenuous denials that such mobs exist, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said the mainstream media are gaslighting viewers to promote the Democrat Party’s talking points.

“If the Democratic Party’s position is they do not exist, then there are no mobs,” Tucker said. “Ignore your lying eyes! Not surprisingly, the media is saying exactly the same thing…Aren’t journalists supposed to be the champions of clear language? Not when euphemism better serves their political goals. If banning words helps the Democratic Party, they’re doing it.”

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