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Army vet sounds off on who’s ultimately responsible for school band depicting cops at gun point

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Army veteran Graham Allen is one of many people calling for accountability following a controversial performance by a Mississippi high school marching band.

The Forest Hill High School band came under fire last week after a halftime performance featured a mock scene depicting law enforcement officers at gunpoint. The school’s band director was placed on administrative leave after backlash over the skit which came just days after two police officers were killed in the line of duty.

“This is Mississippi and this kind of thing doesn’t happen here,” Mississippi native Graham Allen told “Fox & Friends First” on Wednesday. “We stand by our president, we stand by our military and we support our law enforcement community.”

The CRTV host and combat veteran believes parents should be the ones held accountable for what he said is simply a political stunt.

“This is an adult male — the band director — that is pushing a social justice agenda onto children,” Allen said.

“In my opinion, this falls down at the most basic level on parenting,” he said. “As a former band person myself in high school, I know for a fact that this was practiced for months.”

“They’ve been practicing this routine, so why didn’t anyone say anything? At no point, any student though ‘Huh, maybe this isn’t appropriate’ or ‘Wow, this is weird,'” Allen said.

He believes questions were not raised because it is now “acceptable” and “that falls 100 percent on the parents.”

“It is our job to teach our kids the values that we want to hold dear. It is the school’s job to teach our kids academics,” Allen argued. “somewhere along the way, we as parents got lazy and we just started letting other people teach our kids about morals and values and do our job for us.”

The Brookhaven School District claimed it “had no prior knowledge” about the performance, according to a statement released on Facebook last week.

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