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Officials try to say ‘F*** Kavanaugh’ on school sign was a fake. They didn’t know there were more photos.

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A North Carolina middle school sign that displayed a vulgar slight against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh that was later said to be “fake news” turned out to be very real indeed.

A photo circulated online of a marquee sign at South Charlotte Middle School’s that read, “F*ck Kavanaugh.”

The Charlotte Mecklenburg School district responded to the image tweeted by A.P. Dillon, a conservative blogger, by tweeting a photo of a blank sign, with the caption, “Fake news.”

Another social media user weighed in to say they too saw the sign, sharing a photo.

@Brendan1963 and I were there yesterday morning at 10 and we both took pictures! Not Fake and pretty pathetic that anyone would say it was!” tweeted Tracy Lundell.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools spokesman Tracy Russ said they initially believed the message was fake news, but confirmed on Tuesday that the message was real, according to the Charlotte Observer.

We thought it had been fake. It turns out it was real,” Russ said.

It appears that the sign was left unlocked and someone altered it over the weekend, according to the paper.

The message was removed “pretty quickly,” and Russ said they’re checking security cameras to see if the culprit was caught in the act.

Dillon tweeted a follow up calling on folks to “stop harassing” district officials, who had nothing to do with the message being posted.

Tom Tillison


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