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They meant it when they told men to ‘shut up.’ Diva accuses guy of ‘mansplaining’ to gag him

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Conservative Noah Rothman was accused of “mansplaining” when he attempted to explain to an MSNBC panel the vote by Sen. Susan Collins to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Host David Gura asked the associate editor of Commentary magazine to weigh in on the “victory lap” by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell following Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote by the Senate on Saturday.

“So I want to thank the other side for the tactics that have allowed us to energize and get involved our own voters,” McConnell said at the end of the video clip that was played.

“Thanks to the survivors for telling your stories,” quipped Zerlina Maxwell, MSNBC political analyst and Senior Director of Progressive Programming for SiriusXM.

“Frankly what he’s addressing and the tone and tenor of this panel is indicative of what we’re talking about here,” Rothman replied, citing the Senate floor speech by Collins announcing her decision to vote for Kavamaugh.

“Susan Collins’ speech should be read by everybody carefully. Because it was about the judge’s judicial philosophy, which has been lost over the course of the last two weeks. And she emphasized the extent to which this guy splits the baby. He doesn’t rule against the ACA. He doesn’t really —” Rothman said before being interrupted.

“He’s on the list because he’s going to overturn Roe,” Maxwell exclaimed.

“He’s not interested in overturning Roe,” Rothman shot back, attempting to finish his comments.

“Well state laws will make it overturn,” Maxwell insisted.

“He has a judicial philosophy and conservatives — ” Rothman said, once again trying to respond to Gura’s original question.

“I’m trying to explain to you what the conservative philosophy is,” Rothman said, turning to another panelist who interrupted, saying “Are you kidding me?”

“Don’t do that. You’re headed right toward mansplaining,” Maxwell lectured. “Don’t say I’m trying to explain something to a woman when it has to do with reproductive health care.”

“Don’t ever do that. That’s not a good idea,” she repeated, cutting off Rothman again.

Rothman later tweeted about the exchange and responded to Twitter users who reacted to the video.

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