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Here we go again … Marie Harf: ‘The Republican Party doesn’t care about women.’

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Fox News analyst Marie Harf believes the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court will be seen by Democrats as proof that the GOP does not care about women.

The former Obama State Department spokeswoman discussed the left’s response to Kavanaugh’s confirmation process on a “Fox News Sunday” panel, telling host Chris Wallace that the supplemental FBI investigation into allegations against the then-nominee were seen as just “a box-checking exercise” by Republicans.

“To many people who already believe the Republican Party has a problem with women, this exercise, this week-long investigation – to them – will look like it was just designed to give legitimacy to a pre-ordained outcome,” Harf said.

“Anger has been building for two years since Donald Trump was elected,” she said, pointing out that the #MeToo movement began a year ago.

“This is not just about the Supreme Court. This is about the broader cultural norm that we are living in and a lot of people are feeling like the Republican Party, quite frankly, doesn’t care about women,” she added. “That’s the argument that Democrats are going to make, I think.”

Liberal Fox News analyst Juan Williams agreed with Harf, calling the seventh FBI investigation a “sham.”

Williams claimed that government institutions have been “damaged” by the GOP’s “rush” to get Kavanaugh confirmed.

His rant was interrupted by Wallace who tried to get Fox News politics editor, Chris Stirewalt, to comment.

“We want to play well with others,” Wallace told Williams.

Later in the segment, Harf had a heated debated with Josh Holmes, Senator Mitch McConnell’s former chief of staff and now a GOP strategist, as the two battled over the “talking point” of whether the FBI should have re-interviewed Kavanaugh and questioned his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, in the final investigation.

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