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Brian Stelter posted ‘the most memorable image of the day’ yesterday. He’s still getting laughed at.

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A CNN journalist earned intense mockery Saturday after he posted a GIF to Twitter of an anti-Kavanaugh protester and described it as “[t]he most memorable image of the day.”

The GIF posted by CNN journalist and senior media correspondent Brian Stelter specifically depicted a rabid anti-Kavanaugh protester sitting cross-legged on one of the statues outside the Supreme Court where Supreme Court Justice was at the time preparing to be sworn in.


There’s no question that it was a memorable image. What’s in doubt is whether it was “[t]he most memorable image of the day.” According to the 1000+ social media users who replied to Stelter’s post, there was a far more memorable image — that of Kavanaugh being sworn-in.


Stelter rebutted this criticism by noting that “[t]he swearing in picture hadn’t happened yet, when I posted the gif.” That was a fair point. Another point to consider is that memorability is a subjective trait, meaning what’s memorable to you might not be memorable to someone else.

But the CNN journalist’s critics had some valid points too,  namely that his choice demonstrated his liberal bias. Would a conservative commentator like Sean Hannity have chosen the anti-Kavanaugh protester pic as the day’s most memorable? No. That Stelter would suggests he may be more of a liberal commentator than an objective journalist. His past rhetoric certainly fits this profile.

While the memorability of the Kavanaugh protester photo can be debated, what’s not up for debate is the fact that Stelter is quite sensitive. Watch what happened when his social media followers teasingly accused him of being “fake news”:

It’s not that serious, bro. Or at least it wasn’t up until Stelter became emotional, at which point the criticism began raining in like arrows.


They had a point, in that Stelter is indeed biased, and calling him out for his bias is neither hateful nor wrong. Just how biased is he? So much so that even his fellow co-workers at “fake news” CNN have previously called him out. Now that’s biased!

Vivek Saxena


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