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Top conservatives line up to sign letter, demand WaPo stop pretending Jennifer Rubin is ‘conservative’

Twitter screenshot of ‘conservative blogger’ at WaPo, Jennifer Rubin.

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Dozens of the nation’s top conservatives outside government have penned a letter to The Washington Post demanding that it stop referring to anti-Trump columnist Jennifer Rubin as a conservative.

“In truth, it is nearly impossible to discern any conservatism in Rubin’s contemporary writing. Since the election of President Donald Trump, she has sided against conservatives on a dizzying array of issues,” they wrote in a letter dated Oct. 3.

The several dozen signers — including former Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint, Media Research Center founder Brent Bozell, Susan B. Anthony List chief Marjorie Dannenfelser — then cited a litany of examples to bolster their point.

Whereas Rubin used to be against business-crushing taxes, freedom-inhibiting gun control laws and unrestricted immigration, for instance, she now supports all three because of Trump, whom she appears to loathe with an unhealthy passion.

“Repetitively cutting taxes for the rich isn’t the answer,”  she opined in a column this past May.

“We object to Republicans’ hypocrisy on guns, not ‘thoughts and prayers,'” the former Second Amendment advocate wrote last year.

Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist notes that Rubin has also “mocked virginity as ‘juvenile, emotionally stunted’ behavior, argued in favor of impeaching Judge Brett Kavanaugh, mocked those who defend due process and the rule of law, campaigned for Democrats and against Republicans, and generally engaged in obsessive behavior against conservatives on social media.”

Does this sound like the rhetoric of a conservative? The signers of the letter — including American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp, Conservative Partnership Institute chairman Jim DeMint and Tea Party Patriots Citizen Fund chairman Jenny Beth Martin — believe not:

“Anyone following Rubin’s writing closely at this point would rightfully find the claim that she is
‘conservative’ laughable. And yet, she is still regularly touted in the media as a conservative
voice — and by your own paper as ‘reporting from a center-right perspective.'”

The Post’s false label for Rubin helps the demonstrably left-wing paper present itself as an allegedly fair and balanced outlet.

The conservatives continued their letter by admitting that the Post may hire whomever it wants, but cautioning that its duplicitous behavior is “why so many Americans — particularly conservatives — hold a high distrust of the media.”

“How can an average reader take the Post’s opinion section seriously when, of its numerous regular columnists, none can be found which defend the policies of our nation’s elected president?”

The solution, they argued, would be to stop identifying Rubin as a “conservative” and instead hire an actual conservative “who can eloquently and effectively defend the positions held by our President, his party, and the millions of voters who elected him.”

Vivek Saxena


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