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Candace Owens heaps praise on courageous women who took a stand for sons, brothers, husbands…

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Firebrand conservative commentator Candace Owens has come out swinging in defense of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh now that he’s been effectively exonerated by the FBI.

“FBI report COMPLETED. Kavanaugh is INNOCENT. So proud of the REAL women in this country who took a stand and defended our men (our husbands, brothers, fathers and sons) against the evils of the left—their radical feminism and LIAR Christine Ford,” she tweeted Thursday afternoon.

While this was by no means the first tweet Owens had posted in Kavanaugh’s defense, it was perhaps the most poignant in part because of the hashtags and pictures she had attached to it.


Notice the use of the hashtag #HimToo in Owen’s tweet and t-shirt. It’s a popular hashtag being shared by the millions of women across the nation who’re fed up with the left’s witch hunt against men.

While the #MeToo movement began with sincere intentions, many feel as if it’s transformed into an anti-male movement that seeks to empower women at the expense of — instead of alongside — men.

Women seen promoting the #HimToo hashtag include everyone from Owens to MMA fighter Tara LaRosa, singer Joy Villa and former Playboy playmate Dalene Kurtis, to name a select few.


Many other women have stood up for Kavanaugh as well, albeit without the #HimToo hashtag. Included among them is conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, who’s been especially critical of women in Hollywood for automatically believing Kavanaugh’s discredited accuser.

“These Hollywood liberal women belong to an unthinking cult,” she said on Fox News late last month. “There’s a huge cognitive dissonance because many of these Hollywood women are the ones who champion some of the people who have been exonerated over the last 20 years.”


She further noted that over 2,200 men have been exonerated of false sexual assault/rape allegations since 1989: “And yet, there they are telling us we have to believe, believe, believe, believe. I don’t believe a gender. I believe evidence,” she said.

And according to the evidence, Kavanaugh is innocent. Judging by the contradictions and apparent lies told by his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, she on the other hand is not ….

Vivek Saxena


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