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Sen. Collins blasts Trump’s hit on Ford’s memory, Kellyanne begs to differ: She’s been ‘treated like a Fabergé egg’

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As inconsistencies in Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony, given under oath, begin to surface, be it her remark about two front doors, or that she never coached anyone on how to take a polygraph test, President Donald Trump mocked Ford on Tuesday for her spotted memory.

Speaking at a rally in Mississippi, the president marveled over how Ford could vividly remember having one beer the night she claimed Kavanaugh assaulted her, but can’t remember key details like where it happened or how she got home.

Trump’s remarks drew a quick rebuke from Sen. Susan Collins, R- Maine, a critical swing vote in Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

“The president’s comments were just plain wrong,” Collins told reporters Wednesday.

But White House special adviser Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox News to point out that everyone, including the White House, has been very accommodating of Ford from the beginning, adding that Trump was highlighting “factual inconsistencies” in Ford’s testimony.

“We are not managing the scope, the witnesses, anything like that,” Conway said. “At the same time, the president is pointing out factual inconsistencies.”

“By Ford’s own testimony there are gaps in her memory, there are facts that she cannot remember,” she continued. “How she got home, how she got there. Where the house was, what the date was. If those pretending they want to find the truth, don’t say we can’t find the truth when she doesn’t know all the facts. That’s part of the testimony she put in under sworn statements.”

When speaking to NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander, Conway, who recently revealed that she’s a victim of sexual assault, reiterated that Ford “has been accommodated by all” since she came forward with her claim that Kavanaugh assaulted her 36 years ago.

Not bothering to hide her disgust with Alexander’s one-side question, Conway raised eyebrows on the left when she took that analogy even further.

“She’s been treated like a Fabergé egg by all of us,” she said, beginning with me and the president. He’s pointing out factual inconsistencies. Do you have corroboration for her claims? Can you fill in her memory gaps, her factual inconsistencies?”

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