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‘Due process is not misogynistic’: Megyn Kelly enrages leftists, hits Avenatti over the head with facts and the law

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In his quest for fame, creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti seeks out confrontations with those who have what he seeks, but he may have barked up the wrong tree when taking on Megyn Kelly.

In the wake of his latest prize client, Julie Swetnick, trampling over earlier charges she made against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during a train wreck of an interview with NBC, Avenatti took issue with Kelly questioning Swetnick’s credibility.

Lest we forget, Swetnick accused Kavanaugh of being a serial gang rapist.

“@megynkelly – I generally respect your work as a journalist but you should be ashamed of yourself for attacking my client, a sexual assault victim, without facts,” he tweeted. “And you base your attacks on bogus legal actions that were filed & almost immediately dismissed. You know better.”

This prompted a reply from the NBC anchor, who shared a few facts while noting that not all women are truthful when making sexual misconduct allegations — a stance that flies in the face of the left’s “We Believe Survivors” campaign.

[email protected] Kavanaugh denies ur client’s accusations saying he d/n/even know her. Her credibility is fair game. That’s why the AP, The Oregonian, & others are looking into it. The #MeToo mvmt doesn’t shield accusers from tough Qs. Most women tell the truth, but not all do,” Kelly tweeted.

Avenatti responded not by defending his client, but by attacking Kavanaugh’s credibility.

And while Kelly did not respond to his dodge, she did respond to a member of the Resistance, who labeled her as an enabler and protector of the “Male Misogynistic Culture.”

A former attorney herself, Kelly proceeded to school the Kool-Aid drinker, while calling out Avenatti for trying to “shame” her for recognizing the obvious.

“Due process is not misogynistic. It happens to be the bedrock of our legal system,” she tweeted. “Ms. Swetnick was just on NBC changing her story dramatically from her sworn declaration. When an accuser has credibility issues, the A. is not to shame those who recognize it.”

She was also prepared when a social media user tried to use Kelly’s accusations made against the now deceased Roger Ailes, the former Fox News chief.

As seen below, Kelly noted that she put forth evidence to support her allegations.

With the left having weaponized the #MeToo movement, Kelly stressed in a follow up tweet that “the notion that *every* woman must be believed is absurd,” citing the case involving the Duke lacrosse team.

“Not every victim will have that kind of record, which is fine, but the notion that *every* woman must be believed is absurd. Just ask the 3 Duke lax players who were falsely accused of rape by a woman who virtually all of the media believed but who made the whole thing up.

As for Swetnick’s credibility, Kelly shared one example of why it’s a relevant issue.

“Also this, from ⁦⁩, on Swetnick: she once sued MD transit claiming her broken nose cost her modeling jobs; the “employer” she cited said he was actually just a friend,1st met her in a bar a yr *after* her injury, never owned the co she listed, nor agreed to pay her b/4,” she tweeted, along with a screenshot of the AP story.

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